Urban Stack, located in the old Southern Railway passenger baggage building, serves upscale burgers and features a bourbon bar. Urban Stack takes pride in our community and region. We work with local farmers and vendors for the absolute best quality of meats and ingredients available. We have specifically chosen a wide variety of meats that are either all-natural, organic, grass fed, free-range or from sustainable and humane farms. We are committed to freshness, quality and homemade goods. We love our city and are proud to say we own and operate one of the most sustainable and environmentally friendly businesses in town.

12 West 13th Street
Chattanooga, TN

Sunday - Thursday 11a-10p
Friday - Saturday 11a-11p

Key Staff


Steve Crossman

Operating Partner

Steve, or "Chino", has been a part of the Monen Family Restaurant Group for years. He claims the craziest thing he has ever done was the hours he worked in the first two weeks of Taco Mamacita in Charleston's opening. Those involved understand. He is an avid runner and is terrified of John Cusack movies. One day he would love to go to a soccer game in Liverpool, England, see the Super Bowl live, and rent a private island.


Tyler Hollman

General Manager

Tyler is filled with jokes and sarcasm. His responses to some everyday questions are prime example of that. First of all, when asked if he has ever solved a Rubik's Cube, his response was "Yeah, all you have to do is peel those stickers off and move them around. I don't see what all the fuss is about." Then, in response to the most adventurous thing he has ever done, he explained that it was recently solving a Sudoku puzzle. To top it off, his dream job when he grows up is retirement. Aside from Tyler's jokester demeanor he is grateful for his spur of the moment decision to move to Chattanooga, ultimately leading him to his current position with Urban Stack.


Elias Lopez

Kitchen Manager

Originally from Guatemala, Elias is passionate about soccer. He cheers for Real Madrid soccer team and plays with friends and family on his days off. He is honest, with a bit of daredevil running through his veins. He once camped inside of a volcano, but didn't bring the appropriate equipment, so it was a night filled with adrenaline.